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Protection of personal information and privacy

Tekdata Metal Solutions helps protect your personal information.  Your personal data allows us to provide you with better assistance every day. This is why we implement new practices and continually improve them.

The laws governing the protection of personal data are undergoing a gradual transformation, which is why we adhere to the latest requirements set forth by these laws.


Tekdata Metal Solutions uses personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected. Accordingly, you agree that we collect, use, and disclose personal information required for the following purposes:

  • Be able to identify yourself and keep your contact details up-to-date;
  • Optimize our service according to your needs, analyze your requests, and target the products and services that suit you;
  • Management of your requests, complaints, and claims;
  • Enforce applicable laws and limit risks related to cybersecurity and the fight against financial crime.

Furthermore, please note that Tekdata Metal Solutions may collect, use, or disclose some of your personal information in order to better understand your needs, interests, and preferences.


When the purposes for which personal information was collected or used have ended, we destroy or anonymize the information.

Please note that if you disagree with or have any questions about how Tekdata Metal Solutions uses your personal information, we can change your preferences if you request it by email or phone.

If applicable, please allow up to 30 days for Tekdata Metal Solutions to correct or delete the personal information we hold. The service and/or product offered may no longer be available after deleting this information.

See full details of Tekdata Metal Solutions privacy policy:

Person responsible for personal information and privacy:
Responsible person: Valerie Patenaude Tarissan
Title: Executive Assistant
Phone: 438-399-6838

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